We like to think of our customers as the kinds of people who place value on quality and don’t treat things such as long, hot, high pressured showers as a luxury but an everyday necessity. All Pumps are not just about pumping water but giving our customers water at a pressure and flow rate that they desire – and if they’re drinking it, then we’re all about making sure it’s pure, filtered and free from unwanted contaminants.

We are an inclusive, family owned business with long term staff who take pride in their work and in turn, have a loyal base of long-term customers who have been with us from the start. Here are a few of the reasons why we think All Pumps stands out from the crowd…

  • We strive to make our customers’ home pressure system setup the best it can possibly be. This means we take a whole system approach and aren’t just looking to replace like with like, nor are we only looking at the pump. We want to know how big your pipes are (after all, your pump is only as good as your pipework), where your house is in relation to the pump and what else is happening within the system.
  • To make sure our customers have the right pump for the job we ask a lot of questions (trust us, it’s worth it) and will want to know things like; Have you got new appliances? Are there extra people living in the house? Has your lifestyle changed since installing the pump? We ensure your home pressure system is keeping up with the changes within your household.
  • We understand that while the principles are the same, every installation is different. We have a team of highly experienced, qualified pump technicians who know how to assess a situation and recommend a variety of options to meet your requirements.
  • We don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of our workmanship, the products we supply or health and safety.
  • As a business we are nimble and respond to changes in technology and the industry quickly and efficiently. As our customers’ needs have changed over the years we’ve adapted too – hence why we don’t just sell pumps, but specialised filtration and other equipment.
  • We turn up when we say we’ll turn up and if that means you need us in the middle of the night – we’ll be there.

Give us a call today to see how our friendly team can help you with your home pressure system.