As we know, when the temperature starts to pick up so does the wind. Auckland is notorious for its windy spring weather which often results in extra debris flying around your garden and unwanted material finding its way into your tank.

Keeping your tank and gutters clean and clear*, and ensuring your pump is in a safe and dry environment clear of debris helps it perform well. For your system to run smoothly you’ll need plenty of clean water so check your tank levels and make sure you don’t have sediment and gunk building up at the bottom of the tank. It’s also important to make sure your pump is protected from the elements – adequate drainage in the event of weather ingress is essential.

Part of our regular pump maintenance plan includes checking your whole system to ensure it is functioning optimally and is prepared for whatever the weather might throw at us.

*Gutter Foam gutter protection systems are a great way to keep leaf – and bird – free gutters, protecting your tankwater. Gutter Foam comes with the option of UV protection and a 7 year product performance warranty but possibly best of all, it doesn’t hold onto leaves, they are blown off by the wind, meaning minimal maintenance.  Call us for more info on 0800 255 786.