Part of PASLR, the All Pumps story dovetails with that of our sister company Replacement Lamp Services, which was established by local entrepreneur Darlene Henshaw in the late 1980’s.

Replacement Lamp Services had been operating for a couple of years when in 1991 a man approached them from a company called All Pumps to have some electrical work done. The work was carried out, but the bill was never paid, so in lieu of the debt Darlene offered to take over his company. “He agreed, All Pumps Ltd. was registered, an ad was placed in the Yellow Pages and we became a pump company,” says Darlene, who jokes that at that time she had more opportunity than resource and a constant stream of ideas.

“We went to Davey to place an order for pumps but they wouldn’t take it and we had to go through the stringent process to apply for an account. Davey had only just come to New Zealand and were quite prescriptive as to where they would have dealers,” she says.

Several years later, in 2007, we received the first of many awards from Davey for selling the most pumps in the country. We are now undoubtedly Davey’s top Master Dealer in New Zealand.

From humble beginnings, simply replacing a pump when it broke down, our business has evolved. When it became law to carry out maintenance on pumps as part of a building’s WOF we took on the commercial side of things. In 2008 we expanded into water filters and with a clear focus on marketing experienced exponential growth over the next several years. In 2017 we branched out with our water cooler servicing division and the subsequent filter market that evolved.

Through a series of events, or a perfect storm if you like, the business took a turn several years ago. Darlene had four teenage kids living at home, was working ridiculous hours and managing several successful businesses, when a Bitcoin virus ate the All Pumps computer system. “It was an opportunity to reassess things and build from scratch – to really streamline processes and operations – to do things smarter. I realised that when the home fires were running smoothly everything fell into place,” she says.

Darlene still works strategically across all facets of the entire PASLR business, with Blair Urlich, Operations Manager spearheading day to day operations and supporting her vision for efficiency and an uncompromising standard of workmanship in everything they do.  The cloud based working environment means everyone can see what each other is doing which is handy with hundreds of jobs, all at various stages of their lifecycle, on the go at any one time.

“We have evolved to take on a whole system approach – building a capable team who were really amazing at home pressure systems – with a focus on residential properties and lifestyle blocks. I have always surrounded myself with really solid people who are good at what they do – I have a broad knowledge but have experts who I trust,” she says.

“We have a position in the market that we work to best practice – our technicians are qualified and work to the strictest safety standards. We put safety at the forefront of everything we do and we don’t cut corners on our workmanship.”