On the ball with each call

As one of the newest All Pumps recruits Beth has hit the ground running – there’s really no other choice – her role not only involves scheduling the various jobs and callouts that come in, but handling accounts receivable and credit control. She’s busy dealing with people all day long and she loves it.

“The job definitely does keep you on your toes because the day is constantly changing – so you need to be quite flexible in your approach,” she says. “Because you have such a large amount of customer contact and are working closely with the pump technicians, you need to enjoy dealing with people, but of course, having people skills is really a prerequisite in any kind of service role.”

Beth says she wouldn’t necessarily call herself the precise type but she does like it when things all come together and make sense. Part of her job means she needs to enjoy making things add up – both numerically from an accounts standpoint, and with scheduling, making things fit together to produce the best possible outcome for the technicians, customers and the business.

Beth says her working career has been filled with all sorts of “weird and wonderful things” and she has developed a strong understanding of computer systems and systems analysis, and has gained extensive office and accounts administration knowledge.

Outside of work Beth says there’s nothing she loves better than watching a good movie or two. She once sat through a 24-hour movie marathon which she says was absolutely fantastic!  If she’s not watching movies you’ll find her experimenting in the kitchen or digging around in her family history and genealogy.