Harlen joined the All Pumps crew in September 2018 as our resident cooler technician. His role involves the maintenance and cleaning of water coolers and fountains including plumbed in units and under bench water filtration, light repairs, changing of filters on filtered water taps and minor repairs.

He has recently completed his Working in Confined Spaces ticket so also helps out as a second man on pump jobs.

For someone who loves exploring new places and learning new things he is in his element. “I really enjoy being exposed to a range of different work environments, being mobile I’m in a different office every day – it’s very interesting,” he says. “In this job you get to learn a little bit about a whole lot of different industries, I’m always asking questions and chatting to people – you find out a lot of interesting things.”

Originally from Whangarei, Harlen has come from a retail/customer service background, his two most recent jobs were as a timber hand at a timber mill and a bank teller at Westpac. “That particular role was mainly about customer service – asking the right questions to solve problems – so definitely skills I can use in my current role.”

“A lot of people ask me about filter replacement. Many of the filters we use have recommendations on when to replace them based on residential use, however in commercial environments where they are used more often we might suggest you replace them once a year as opposed to once every three years,” he says.

“With residential properties people are most interested in understanding what materials the filters are taking out of their water, so being able to explain this and give them a range of options is an important part of the job.”

What attracted him to All Pumps? “I heard it was a good company and I really liked the idea of working with my hands and learning about the mechanics of things – you get to take stuff apart, see how they work on the inside and put them back together,” he says. He is currently getting further tickets and qualifications and is keen to absorb more knowledge about the industry he is in.

Outside of work Harlen is an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and enjoys hanging out with his friends, exploring his new city (especially on the hunt for good places to eat and drink) and has lots of family here in Auckland.