At this time of the year we don’t usually talk about tanks running out of water. However, New Zealand has just experienced the fourth hottest Autumn on record with rainfall in the North Island well below average and Auckland taking out the top spot for the warmest, sunniest and driest city in New Zealand throughout the season.*

We are encouraging all our customers to be extra vigilant when it comes to monitoring the water levels in their tanks. Low tank water levels are one of the most common causes of pump issues and customers frequently overestimate how much water they’ve actually got in their tanks.

Low tank levels often mean debris builds up at the bottom of the tank and causes pipes to get blocked, with the most common point for blockages at the entry level valve. Once this happens the pump will work harder to try and move the water through and can cause the pump to shut down to protect itself.

Click here to find out how installing a wireless tank water level indicator can help you avoid the inconvenience and potential cost of running out of tank water.